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Charles Dickens

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Education: : Approx. one year at William Giles' school in Chatham, Kent (age 9-11); nearly three years Wellington House Academy in London (age 13-15); beyond this, largely self-educated.

Work History:
Dickens' family had a debt problem plus his father has been arrested because he could not payoff the debt. His mother was left to take care of everything as being one of the older boy in the family charles had to take his father's position until he was relese from jail. So Dickens got a job at Warren's Blacking Factory were they payed him 6 shilling a week wrapping shoe- black bottles. Six mothes after being arrested John one of his family members has died and left him a part of the will money which helped payoff all the debt, release John from jail and the rest of the money was used to pay Charles school. At the age of 15 Charles left school and found work as a office boy. At the age of 16 Charles found work as a court repoter. Then he join these newspaper called "Mirror of Parliaments."<bgsound src="" loop=true>

Charles Dickens used his rich imagination, sense of humour and detailed memories, particularly of his childhood, to enliven his fiction.
Original source:
Duyckinick, Evert A. Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women in Europe and America. New York: Johnson, Wilson & Company, 1873.

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